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Poetry by Famous Poetآپ کی بیاض Yahan ap maroof our ghair maroof sho'ra karam ke qalam main sy Ishq e Haqiqi, Muhabat e Ehalbait elehsalwatwslam aur shahenshah Imam e Zaman (ajsl) sy izhar e aqeedat main likhe jany walee nazmain, ghazlain, duain, rubaiat, salam, musadas aur qasaid wagara ko paish kar sakty hain.

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Old 2nd January 2012, 07:56 PM
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Peer naseer-ud-din shah.

peer naseer-ud-din shah.

mera khuda jisey o'j-e- kamaal deta hy,
usy batool ki chok'hat pe daal deta hay,
parak'hna ho kisi ko yu ya hussain kaho,
ye naam woh hy jo shajry kang'haal deta hy.
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ALISHEHENSHAH is just really niceALISHEHENSHAH is just really niceALISHEHENSHAH is just really niceALISHEHENSHAH is just really niceALISHEHENSHAH is just really nice
Re: Peer naseer-ud-din shah.

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Mukhtiar (15th May 2014)
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